About US

Building the future

Digital Marketing is constantly changing. The future of marketing is more than just Voice Search and Artifical Intelligence.

A team fascinated by the improvement of technology, how it interacts in our daily life and shapes the way brands communicate in the future is the driving force behind Break The Web.

Break The Web

/brāk T͟Hē,T͟Hə web/

  1. Industry disruption caused by a successful hybrid digital marketing campaign.
  2. The action of a brand going from ‘hard to be found’ to instant web visibility.
  3. A collection of scrappy marketers that are motivated by their client’s success.

Our Campaigns Create Opportunities for Brands

Paving the way with Search Engine Optimization, Break The Web has grown from the one-man SEO freelance show in 2009 to the hybrid digital marketing agency it is today, housing over 15 full-time team members from around the globe.

Since inception, Break The Web has strategized, implemented & consulted with over 150 brands, ranging from your local flower shop to the nationally recognized Fortune 500 companies.

Our own success is strictly measured by the success of our clients. With a unique set of core values and campaigns that give you full transparency, there’s no industry on the web that we can’t break.

Generating traffic for brands of all sizes for 9 years


Our Core Values


The leadership, the crew members, the strategies, the philosophies all revolve around the authenticity we strive for every day. Quality is king & the entire implementation process of our tactics are developed based on the highest level of authenticity in all areas.

The clients we love are the ones who are passionate about where they are and what they do. Each team member was specifically chosen because of their extreme passion for digital marketing. Having the knowledge in digital marketing could only get someone so far, having the obsession is what will lead to growth.
We’re not your grandma’s marketing agency. We advocate growth; personal, professional, company & client growth. As we grow, you grow. Learning how to be better every day is what we live by. Without continual growth, words like improvement, achievement & success have no meaning.
A culture comprised of out-of-box thinking allows us to advance past grueling challenges. Goals don’t have to be expensive, they don’t have to be difficult, and they don’t have to be done alone. We always find a diverse way to get things done by leveraging whatever we can creatively.
We believe in accessibility. We believe in honesty and a culture that supports that. Being available in every aspect is important to us; while accepting open feedback, internally and/or externally. We have the best in the industry, we need to make them accessible to every business.
With deep respect for the knowledge, ideas, skills & capabilities of each team member, we understand that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Together as a team, we work to play on the strong points of our individuals while supporting & improving the weaker ones.

Get To Know Us

Our unique & talented team of marketers that make us better every day.

Break The Web doesn’t focus solely on bringing in the best team based around our New York City Headquarters. We bring in the best from around the globe, allowing our clients to get the best in class.

Jason Berkowitz


Rachel Johnson

Account Strategist

Chris Lin

Web Development

Stephen Alberts

Paid Advertising

Krista Lawson

Content Specialist

Martin Ceisel


Client Dashboard

Stay up to date with the real-time statistic of your campaign. Our Custom Client Dashboard allows you to view your SEO rankings in real-time, view your advertising conversions, and even track your traffic data with our Google analytics integration.

Project Management

Get a peek behind the curtain and never ask yourself, “what is my marketing agency up to”. With complete access to our internal Project Management platforms, you can view our internal tasks + internal deadlines. Furthermore, all deliverables are located there for easy access.

Break The Web has been a highly effective and professional source for my business. They delivered as promised and all of our keywords hit page 1. I would highly recommend them.

Adam Michaels, Around Town Entertainment