How to Improve on Your Content Marketing

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Content is what drives many businesses to success, with blogging now an important element to marketing. Content gives flavor to otherwise faceless businesses, with many CEOs now having their blogs and social media accounts. It is not surprising though, with many customers now opting for authentic brands and genuine people behind those brands. Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, and Hilary Clinton are some industry figures who are active with their social media accounts.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg says, “Look at the way celebrities and politicians are using Facebook already. When Ashton Kutcher posts a video, he gets hundreds of pieces of feedback. Maybe he doesn’t have time to read them all or respond to them all, but he’s getting good feedback and getting a good sense of how people are thinking about that and maybe can respond to some of it.”

The key point here is that content is now more crucial than ever. But then again, not any other content is acceptable. You must make sure you have great content that is not just a spin-off of any other article posted on the web, or an endless rhetoric full of blurbs and cringe-worthy sentences. For people to find you authentic, you must show your authentic self. And this authenticity should present itself on your content as well.

Is your website’s blog page full of articles that you wouldn’t want to read yourself? Are the articles mediocre so that you can publish at least one post a week? Are your posts full of grammatical and spelling mistakes? If you say “yes” to any of these questions, then you must overhaul your blog right now.

How do you improve on your content? Where do you start, and how do you maintain a consistent voice for your brand?

Here are the top three tips for you to improve on your content marketing efforts:

  1. Make sure you write within a “sweet spot” length

Every brand is different, and so every company has its own “sweet spot” for the length of its posts. If you’re a DIY business, you may want to fill in your blog with step-by-step instructions and pictures. Writing with long paragraphs is a big “no” for you. If you are a creative writing website, you can write in paragraphs with sentences full of imagery and connect-the-dots paragraphs. If you are an SEO site, you may want to thrive on lists as doing so breaks down complex material into easy-to-digest reading. Within 500-1,000 words is the recommended word length. However, this length depends on your company and the brand that you are marketing. The key is to be consistent, too. Make sure that you have your every post within your average word count preference.

  1. Be subtle on promotions

When every sentence is filled with affiliate links and photos, you just want to run away from the website immediately. Over-promotion is one effective way to kick out potential customers from your site, and a sure way for would-be clients to never come back. For sure, your goal is to promote your brand. But do this professionally by, for example, stating what your company offers at the end of the article. You don’t have to keep on reminding the reader that you are what you say you are. If you want to be authentic, show that you want to provide useful information, too.

  1. Write under a common theme

When you write on different disconnected topics, you tend to confuse your reader with what you offer. You may have the best services and products, but if you don’t have a common theme that binds your brand together, then you end up being just another company that anyone can quickly forget about. Your content should have the same, consistent tone, writing style, and character. Make sure that you have something within your content that people would want to read about. Good examples would be writing in lists or contextualizing your content through infographics. A 2014 survey reports that an infographic is likely to be read 30 times more than plain text. And bullet lists are read more than giant blocks of text. Through these methods, you can have potential customers looking forward to your content because they know what you want to offer exactly.

The top three tips to improve your content marketing are the following: 1) Make sure you write within a “sweet spot” length; 2) Be subtle on promotions; and, 3) Write under a common theme. When you follow these guidelines, you can find the form of content that can convey what you believe in as a brand. You can provide consistent content in much the same way that you can provide an authentic voice that customers would want to listen to.