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The 5 Original Gangsters of SEO

The 5 Original Gangsters of SEO

Every religion, industry, or even a family, can trace their roots from their early fathers. Islam has Mohammed, Genetics have Gregor Mendel, and the current British Royal Family has King Edward VII. SEO, however, has a different story. Its discovery cannot be truly...

Top Three SEO Lessons from 2016

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing industry, so it is always important to be in the loop when you want to stay ahead of the game. What worked for 2015 may not work for 2016, and what works for 2017 may not work for 2016. If you want to be successful...

SEO vs PPC – Pros and Cons

Is One Style of Search Engine Marketing Better Than The Other? In today's competitive and digital marketplace, you need multiple streams of traffic and lead generation to be successful. Two of the most popular forms of getting traffic to your website is Search Engine...

Outdated SEO Tactics That No Longer Work

Stop Doing SEO 2007 Style! A great SEO strategy is vital for online marketing success. The problem is that things are always changing in the digital world. A strategy that served you well in the past may not work in the present. This is why you need to look out for...

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