Top Three SEO Lessons from 2016

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing industry, so it is always important to be in the loop when you want to stay ahead of the game. What worked for 2015 may not work for 2016, and what works for 2017 may not work for 2016. If you want to be successful with SEO marketing, you must be open to change. If you like stability and if you like to go with the same strategies repeatedly, you must consider finding a professional SEO consultant to do SEO marketing for you.

SEO is now the leading game-changer in the online advertising and commercialization industry. It is how small, medium and large businesses thrive on and off the web. SEO has a simple concept, but a tricky one, too. If successful, though, you can make a brand for yourself even as a startup. Expensive billboards and banner ads are now long gone, with SEO and online visibility now the way to go. When your business gets on Page 1 of Google, the possibilities are endless with way more clicks and views that you’ve never imagined.

What can you learn from SEO strategies from 2016 that can help you succeed for 2017? How can you help your business reach through online marketing and advertising?

Here are three SEO lessons from 2016 that can help you with your online marketing efforts:

  1. Organic marketing is essential

Getting real clicks and views from actual current and potential customers is more efficient than any other method. While paid clicks and views also have potential, for the long term, organic marketing can indeed help you build and expand your brand. Organic marketing also includes social media promotion, so it’s important to provide excellent customer service on all your social media channels.

Paid clicks and views are only for the short term because they only last for when you pay for their services. With real customers, your brand gets known by others as referred to them by your direct clients, then these new customers talk about you, and the line goes on. When you have excellent service, a referral is a domino effect. You still must market on your own, but making customers happy during and after the service is your key to success.

  1. Great SEO strategies can be expensive, but worth it

Anyone can put up a WordPress account; but if you like the added features such as its All in One SEO Pack, you must be willing to pay for these tools. And they don’t come cheap. The more sophisticated the tool is, the more expensive it gets. The expensiveness of SEO is the reality, and if you’re not ready to accept this, then you can’t push your brand to enjoy the full benefits of SEO marketing. What’s ‘free’ is local SEO, having your brand visible on Google Maps for when people look for services around the area. Local SEO is much like yellow pages transferred online.

  1. Mobile optimization is not an option; it is an essential need

Before, having mobile-optimized sites is an option. Now, it is an absolute must. More people are now checking on their needs via smartphones, and for you to get stuck up with just a desktop site will make you miss out on so many potential customers. Some sites, including WordPress, automatically transform your desktop site and make it mobile-ready. For other websites, you must create a different site for desktop and mobile. There is no better method; it’s up to you depending on your needs. You must make sure though that you test the preview well before making the mobile site live. Having a misaligned mobile site that put on an incoherent set of elements is worse off than having no mobile site at all.

Now that you’ve learned the top three SEO lessons from 2016, how can you move forward to keep pace with the ever-growing SEO industry? Will these tips work for you? Give them a try when you build, and probably rebuild, your site and marketing efforts. Only then will you see that these tips, however simple, can create wonders for your business.