Web Optimization Strategies for Visual Artists

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Etsy is now making it feasible for visual artists to present their crafts and have the opportunity to sell them. It is a perennial problem for artists to find a market for their work, so Etsy is a great platform for them to find a voice for what they are passionate about. Now, artists do not always have to rely on patrons and employers to pay them for their work. They can be artists and entrepreneurs all at the same time.

But to find success in Etsy can be challenging, especially if you haven’t dipped your hands into entrepreneurship before. Aside from an excellent craft, you should also know how to upsell yourself in a world that’s fiercely competitive. Gone are the days of art renaissance where wealthy patrons can hire artists and solely work for them. These days, artists should find ways on how they can sell their crafts.

By signing up with Etsy, you, as an artist, should understand that profits are never easily given to you. You have to work hard for it, and that means setting up your website, building your marketing strategies, having your photos taken professionally, and being your best customer service agent. There are so many things you have to juggle as a starting entrepreneur, and what’s harder is you also are the producer of what you’re selling. Even a simple question sent to you on Facebook should be answered immediately because ignoring potential customers’ requests can be detrimental to your business.

How would you benefit as much as possible from the gifts of affordable online marketing? Can artists also make the most of SEO for their enterprise?

Here are some techniques that can help you promote your art business without having to pay for expensive online tools:

  1. Maximize the power of keywords

You may overlook the need of putting the right keywords, but this is a big mistake because hashtags can help readers find you. For example, if you’re looking for an affordable trip to Morocco, you will most likely type in a search engine, “budget trip to Morocco tips.” If your site has the same keywords, then people will land on your page and will get to know what you offer. Keywords, therefore, do a lot for your marketing efforts. However, you have to pick on the right keywords. Quality fares better than quantity, so even if you have just one or two keywords, but they hit the right formula of what people are looking for, then you are sure to have more visitors on your site.

If, however, you choose to put in generic keywords like “travel,” “morocco,” and “budget travel,” then most likely you will be competing with many companies who are using the same keywords and offering the same services. If you put in general keywords, you will not put yourself in a unique position where you can find your niche market.

  1. Create an unforgettable website

If you are a visual artist, having a good website is crucial because you will be getting your audience’s attention through the images you project. Unlike a poetry writer who has to thrive on words, as a virtual artist you must depend on publishing great photos.

If you are not adept with taking photos, you must enlist professional assistance. It can be a big expense to get your photos taken professionally, but it is worth all the cost and effort. You cannot just rely on your iPhone to get photos published on your site.

It may be difficult to start your business as a visual artist, but it is possible to be successful if you know how to market yourself well. Show your authenticity, present your best crafts, and market your brand in the best way possible.