Why Social Media Marketing is Not for Everyone

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Social media may promise a lot of amazing things such as offering affordable marketing options and being able to reach out to a lot of audiences, but there are also a lot of stuff social media cannot do. If you think it is the ultimate answer to all your marketing woes, then you have to remember that there are other ways to advertise and social media is not the only option out there.

The good side of social media

Before we go to the “bad” side, let us first discuss why social media is an effective and efficient way to advertise. First off, social media advertising can reach out to a whole lot of audience—from the young to the old—across different countries. Billions of people use social media with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr combined. And the number of users are not getting any smaller.

Secondly, social media marketing is very cheap compared to other forms of advertising such as Google AdWords and banner advertising. For example, the most basic Facebook ad only costs 1 USD per day. It covers your business’ area of jurisdiction within the first two miles. The price of 1 USD is a far cry from Google AdWords that can go up to at least 23 USD per day.

Because of this affordability, social media marketing has enabled even small businesses to market their products and services. Before, marketing was the domain of large enterprises who can afford it. These days, even startups can afford to advertise on a larger scale unimaginable before.

Now that we’ve talked about the advantages of social media marketing let us now go to the bad side of it. This discussion is to answer the question, “Why is social media marketing not for everyone?”

There are many reasons, but we will dive into the main thought to answer the question:

“Social media marketing is only best used for certain industries.”

While some industries are great for social media marketing, other industries certainly have to step back and choose not to dip their fingers in this kind of advertising. For example, a weight loss book is ideal for social media because the author can lean on videos and photos that can help him/her prove the point that the regimen works. The author can show before and after pictures, workout, and food videos that can encourage people to try out this new routine.

However, some industries including steel manufacturing and finance industries are not the best businesses for social media marketing. First off, there is a “hip” appeal to social media and using this outlet to try to sell the company makes the business seem unprofessional. It shows that the firm lacks the budget for a proper ad campaign and the lack of sincerity and integrity on the part of the company.

Secondly, an industry not fit for social media may appear trying too hard to please different crowds. A well-intentioned strategy may backfire because nothing irritates an audience more than having to put up with a tacky and insincere company. Of course, no one wants to be branded like that, so make sure that you plan out your marketing strategy appropriately to show your authenticity.

It is easy to fall into the “social media marketing is awesome” bait. But give yourself some time to plan properly and to decide based on what you want, not based on following trends. You might end up with the decision that you don’t need social media marketing after all.