Why Website Design is Crucial for SEO

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When you talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content, social media, and programming usually come up. However, one important factor often overlooked is website design, which contributes significantly to better SEO rankings.

There are many secrets to getting higher SEO rankings, but all-in-all, these strategies contribute to improving your online presence. When people search for, say, “student dorm in Queens for rent,” your listing must appear on the first two pages if you want to get more clients. Being on top of pages is important in building your brand’s integrity, so as much as you are investing in your products and services, you must also invest in your marketing strategies.

Why is site design essential for improving your search rankings?

Site design is crucial for SEO because when you encounter a website, the reason you stay is not only because of excellent written and audio-visual content; it is also because of the site looking appealing. If the site has a lot of banner ads, loads slow, has small text, or does not have a reader-friendly layout, then there is a big chance of a viewer leaving your website.

Focusing too much on content and your services is not a bad thing; however, if you put all your resources into your content and services offered, then you are missing out on the many benefits that marketing can bring to your enterprise.

What should you avoid when designing your website?

There are many things you must consider when designing your site. Along with the things you should be avoiding, here are tips you must remember when building your site:

1. Complex layout

You might think that having a website with so many grids and boxes look professional; however, unfortunately, that simply is not the case. The simpler and more reader-friendly your site is, the more likely your viewers are going to stay and scroll through your website.

Remember: Let go of so many horizontal and vertical layout boxes. Check out your favorite sites, and take note of what makes these sites memorable. When building your site’s draft, browse it as a part of your audience. Correct features that you don’t like or make it difficult for you to read the content. Make sure that the site you are publishing is user-friendly that both newbie and veteran web users can sift through it with ease.

2. Too many banner and pop-up advertisements

Nothing is more annoying than being confronted by too many ads when you visit a site. When a site has a lot of ads, the site loses integrity and you, as a reader, may most likely lose your trust on the website, as well. As an enterprise, you don’t want your viewers to lose their faith in you, so make sure that you showcase your website in a way that your current and potential customers will love to go through your content.

Remember: If you have to publish ads, do it discreetly and with tact. People do not want to be confronted with salesy strategies, so make sure your website is professional and full of relevant content that can help the lives of your readers.

Website design is as important as content, social media, and keywords when it comes to improving your SEO rankings. Do not overlook your site design, and make sure you have the reader in mind before hitting “Publish.”