Sightseeing Company Saw A 937% Growth In Relevant Backlinks


Backlink Acquasition

Tourism in New York City is at an all-time high and every single attraction imaginable in the city is heavily competing for top positions.

A popular double-decker bus tour company was looking to assist their current marketing/SEO efforts which were being handled in-house. The team was focused on the website and On-Page SEO aspects and lacked the execution process to achieve Off-Page SEO signals (backlinks).

They partnered with Break The Web to secure mentioning & links from natural & relevant travel/tourism publications.


How We Did It:

  • Backlink Analysis to understand the current links sending power & trust to the website.
  • Anchor Text Analysis was executed to understand the current usage of anchor text, to determine the optimal natural route going forward.
  • Target Prospecting allowed us to locate 500-1000 travel & tourism publications, that met the criteria of both Break The Web, and the client.
  • PR-Style Outreach is the process of building relationships with the publications.
  • Backlink Acquisition in industry-specific publications to drive traffic, relevancy & trust from these publications back to the double-decker bus tour company.

THe Results:





Secured Publications

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