Case Study

Peach & Lily

Peach & Lily is one of the leading Korean Beauty (K-Beauty) shops on the web. Founded by world-famous beauty expert Alicia Yoon, Peach & Lily has received several award and has been featured in some of the most recognized publications.


Compay Name: Peach & Lily
Start Date: Sept 2016
Target: U.S. National


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing Strategy

The Problem

Peach & Lily was one of the original Korean skin care companies that emerged before the now-overwhelming Korean Beauty trend. They had a loyal customer following and recognizable brand, but lack proper online visibility.

With the growing interest in Korean Beauty, many of the most famous Women’s beauty franchises took notices and began capitalizing on the trend, further securing search result visibility.

Peach & Lily enlisted the services of an SEO agency but after a year-long unsuccessful campaign, they came to us!

Problem Analyzation

SSNY started by performing an analysis, determining how Google is currently viewing the health & trust of

First, we scraped and organized the entire Peach & Lily website into an organized map of data points & information. We saw the issues that were taking place page-by-page and sitewide. We took note of the under-optimization and the URL’s that were competing with each other in the search results, leading to neither page ranking.

Next, a full backlink analysis was performed to determine how trust, authority & relevancy was being transferred to Peach & Lily. We took note of the amazing publications they were receiving mention in but weren’t getting any SEO benefit from. We analyzed potentially bad backlink neighborhoods to determine the negative side effects of these links.

Finally, we analyzed the content within the website & their asset blog for how they were currently utilizing content for traffic.

Our Custom Solution

Based on the data during the analysis, we developed a full-fledged Search Engine Optimization strategy, focused on increasing trust & relevancy site-wide.

SSNY collaborated with the Peach & Lily development team to ensure that the site meets the current standards, best practices for SEO results. Modifications included changes to the content, title, descriptors, inter-links & much more.

While Peach & Lily was doing amazingly well with Public Relations (PR), they were not receiving any trust signals from these publishers. Manual outreach was performed to get the word out. We secured link opportunities on dozens of authoritative women & beauty blogs, passing trust and relevancy to Peach&

Within the first 3-months, Peach & Lily received a sizable amount of increased rankings, directly correlating with more traffic & sales.

The Results

The custom tailored strategy proved to be a massive success, with Peach & Lily increasing their brand’s trust & visibility on the web.


Increase In Organic Traffic


Increase IN Keyword Rankings

Proof or it Didn’t Happen

The images below, click to enlarge, showcase some of the successes throughout the campaign.

The image above showcases Google Analytics dictating an increase of monthly traffic, since the inception of the SEO campaign.
The image above showcases the estimated monthly organic traffic, based on overall ranking keywords and their avg. monthly search volume.